Any questions?

I have found – and still find – that the most valuable information and advice came from other adopters. These are the people that have been there and done that, trod the path before me. When my local authority asked me to speak to prospective adopters as part of their official training, I was nervous but immediately agreed. The afternoon session talking to adoptive parents had been the highlight of the five days’ training. Everything suddenly felt real, not just theoretical.

I prepared some notes, double checked some facts with my wife, grabbed a few recent family photos, and borrowed Little Chick’s introductions book from his bedroom.

The photos and introductions book were useful props, but I didn’t need the notes to prompt conversation. Once mid flow, the details and the dates all came flooding back to me. As the afternoon wore on, my nerves waned, and my confidence grew. Heck, by the end I even enjoyed it.

Afterwards, some kind people thanked me and a few even chatted a little longer.

As a prospective adopter, I found Twitter a great place for asking questions. And I still rely on the community there for ongoing support. But I appreciate that it won’t suit everyone.

If you have questions about adoption that you would like answered from an adopter’s perspective, then I will help as much as I am able to. I will answer as candidly and fully as I can, but you must remember that at the heart of my story is a little boy with his own story to tell and it is not my right or place to share too much about him.

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