We have two dogs. Little Chick loves dogs.

We have two dogs. I love them, but I am anxious around them. I am not brave. My anxiety means that I worry about how the dogs will behave around Little Chick. Ironically, my anxiety makes everything worse.

My parents have a dog, Rosie. Little Chick loves Rosie.

My parents have a dog, Rosie. I love Rosie. I have not infected Rosie with my anxiety. Rosie offers so much to Little Chick.

  • She offers cuddles when he needs one, often without being asked
  • She shows limitless patience
  • She shares her adventures with him and sometimes even sticks
  • She encourages him to be kind and to share, but doesn’t make a big deal of it
  • She makes him happy simply by being in his life

I try not to have regrets; they seldom help anyone. But I regret not being better for the dogs and in turn helping them help Little Chick. I wish I could be braver, let them affect me less. The anxiety they cause me can be almost crippling, second only to the guilt I feel because I am not a good owner. I want to be better for them, for Little Chick, for myself, but I don’t know where to start. In the meantime, Rosie helps fill this emotional vacuum that I have caused and brings Little Chick such joy.

Thank you, Rosie.

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