Mummy. Mama. Little Chick. Family. Forever.

We have been saying this to Little Chick every day since we applied for the adoption order. But we didn’t want it to just be a trite phrase Little Chick repeats, with no regard or understanding of its meaning. So, we have continued to show him his introductions book, which presented the idea of us as a family. We have used other books – including The Family Book by Todd Parr – to familiarise Little Chick with different types of families – all equal, all special – and introduce the idea of adoption. We are beginning to build on Parr’s simple text by using examples specific to us as a family, including “Some families look the same… like Little Chick and Mummy have the same colour hair and Little Chick and Mama both wear glasses” and “Some families adopt children… like Mummy and Mama adopted Little Chick and will be a forever family.”

Now when we say “Mummy; Mama; Little Chick; Family…” we leave a pause. Little Chick completes the sentence with a very sweet and excitable “forever!”. Importantly, he says it with some understanding of its meaning. Time is an abstract concept for a three-year-old, but he understands that ‘forever’ means safety and reliability.

The phrase now has even greater meaning – the adoption order has been granted. Our forever family is now official.

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