Little Chick, like most three-year-olds, is not big on sharing.

In his foster placement he had to share a lot: time, attention, toys. It’s the same at nursery.

At home, with us, he has more. He has less competition for attention and the toys are (almost) exclusively his (though he is eyeing up my Lego collection).

I find it hard to strike the right balance. Sometimes I feel like I am overcompensating for his tough start in life by indulging him. There are times when I should say no (more often or more firmly). When I should encourage him to share – with us, with his peers, with his cousins.

Little Chick, like most three-year-olds, is not big on sharing. But he is trying.

During imaginative play, he is always keen to share things with us, both real and imagined. He will offer toys, including some of his most prized possessions, so that we can be happy.

He is getting better at sharing by taking turns. Even the precious resource of bubbles will be shared, as he alternates blows.

The biggest breakthrough is him sharing food, especially when he shares sweets and treats. He willingly shares little sweets if he has more than one. Chocolate is strictly off limits, though he is always keen to share ours. If he ever offers someone his last Rolo then we will know it’s love.

Little Chick will learn by listening. Sometimes.

Little Chick will learn by watching. More.

We need to lead by example. We need to show Little Chick how to share. And, that’s harder than I thought as an adult. I’m used to having my own way. Mostly, I’m used to being indulged. So, I’m having to change. And change can be hard. But it’s worth it. I want Little Chick to continue to be a kind, loving, caring boy and for others to recognise this in him. And sharing is caring.

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