Little Chick seems to have the most candid conversations with Grandma. He cherishes the 1:1 time and insists that each visit incorporates a walk, ideally just the two of them (well, three if you include the dog). On their last excursion Grandma managed to gain this nugget of information, which she helpfully passed onto us.

“What makes you happy, Little Chick?”
“Full tummy and getting bigger.”

As far as we know, Little Chick has never gone hungry, quite the reverse. However, he does have a complicated relationship with food. Already I can see that he comfort eats when he is uncertain and in unfamiliar circumstances. Knowing this, I am not surprised that a full tummy brings happiness. Though we are still working on his understanding of what full feels like (but he is demonstrating clear progress from when we first met him).

Getting bigger is very important to Little Chick at the moment. He’s younger than most of his classmates at nursery and short for his age so some do tower over him. Neither myself nor my wife are tall, nor do we come from tall families, so he never seems out of place at home. But when he spends time with his cousins, most of whom are several years older, I can sense the frustration that he can’t run as fast, climb as high, or perform as acrobatically as them. His cousins have been amazing and have welcomed him with open arms. We really could not have hoped for more. But the more he sees of them the more he looks up to them and sees that they are bigger than him. Only one cousin is younger and smaller than him (though he’s catching up in height) and I think this reassures him. You can see that he enjoys being bigger, the biggest even.

It made me happy that Little Chick was content with things that we can provide. That we are meeting his needs. That we are good enough. We will strive to ensure this continues as he gets bigger.

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