This week’s word is another with double meaning.

Little Chick is fascinated that ‘turn’ can describe his dizzying spins as well as when he is allowed to do something. He is giddy with excitement, triumphantly using both meanings together. “Little Chick turn turn”, he giggles, as he points to himself and swivels on the spot. It will blow his mind when I introduce further meanings, especially explaining that he will turn three on his next birthday.

This development has delighted me. In my mind, this is sophisticated thinking; certainly, it is more advanced than Little Chick’s previous showings. It may also be the first tentative steps towards a lifelong love of language. He is starting to play with words, take joy from them. It’s exciting to think that one day he will roll words in his mouth, turn them over, and take as much pleasure from them as he does his favourite delicacies.

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