I knew toddlers were noisy. But I hadn’t appreciated how much noise one toddler could make. How one little person could be so consistently and impressively loud.

Lately, this noise has taken the form of music. Despite my best efforts to convince him otherwise, Little Chick identifies all music as noise and vice versa.

We have been encouraging him to sing, chiefly as a way of developing his language. His understanding of music and noise as separate entities is likely hindered by our terrible singing voices. We are enthusiastic but truly awful singers. But like many parents we persist because it makes our little one happy.

He also enjoys playing the kazoo; again, chosen in the hope it may help with mouth shapes and speech development. He’s good at this – even better than Mama, who cannot produce a single note – and this delights him.

We know that Little Chick’s birth father is musical, and we want to encourage this. In the future, he will have the opportunity to pick an instrument, take lessons, and hone his talent. For now, we are embracing the noise and singing our hearts out together.

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