“If you’re happy and you know it” will forever have a special place in my heart. Meeting Little Chick for the first time, I sang the song we had ‘performed’ in our introductions video and made a connection. Responding to my dulcet tones, Little Chick stamped his feet. And smiled. He may have been more relieved than anything, but I was happy.

Since then we have sung the ditty most days. It is our special connection with Little Chick, but it is also a chance for us to check he is OK, to make sure he is happy. A lot has changed for Little Chick in the past month: new house, new people, new meals. We have tried to keep constancy from his foster home – same clothes, same toys, same routines – but the changes are still undeniably huge.

It is unfair of us to ask him if he is happy. But we do so, like a knee jerk reaction. Or the way you repeatedly open the same apps on your mobile but don’t really know why.

Right now, he is surviving. Happy doesn’t come into it.

But today when he humoured me and compliantly replied ‘happy’ something was different. The smile was a little more genuine, less fixed. His eyes shone (I hadn’t noticed, or even considered that they might be dull, before now).

And, my goodness, that made me happy.

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