Little Chick has started naming things as friends, particularly his soft toys. Seemingly, he identifies friends as safe and cuddly. So, when he started saying ‘mummy friend’ and ‘mama friend’ we were over the moon. We will never turn down cuddles. More importantly, we want Little Chick to feel safe with us and know that we will do all we can to keep him safe.

I also want to be a friend to him. Right now, he doesn’t have many friends. That’s to be expected at his age (not yet three) but circumstances have also transpired to prevent him from meeting more people. Moving from his foster carer to us he will have lost some of the first tentative friendships he forged. Then, our nesting period will have helped develop his attachment with us, but limited his interaction with his peers.

Next month he will start at his new nursery. As a sociable boy I am sure he will enjoy the company of other children and possibly build friendships. I am excited for him, but also nervous. Friendships were tough for me as a child and my best friendships were not forged until adulthood. While I do not want to project my fears onto him, I do want the best for him. And life is so much better with friends.

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