Like Oliver Twist, this week Little Chick has been asking for more. More food, more attention, more everything. This seems positive. It feels like he is trusting us more or certainly testing us. Either way he is engaging with us and adapting to the whirlwind of changes that have swept through his life in the past few weeks.

Asking for more food is complicated. We want him to know that we will meet his needs, but we are aware of potential issues surrounding food. Having lost weight to make us more viable adopters we are even more conscious of the need to demonstrate healthy eating to Little Chick and provide choices and opportunities to eat well. We don’t want to project our food issues onto him but equally we need to do right by him.

Little Chick is not only enjoying our attention but demanding it. While we are still happy to give him time and unlimited attention, we quickly realised that we cannot maintain the high intensity of introductions. It is just too draining – physically and emotionally. Having lived with a single foster carer he seems to be enjoying the doubling up of adult attention but is quickly agitated when he doesn’t have the full devotion of both of us. Friends and family have commented that he is lucky to have so much attention and, to an extent, we agree (though lucky is probably not the most appropriate term). However, we do worry that this intense focus may be overwhelming for him and prove stressful. To counter this, we are ensuring that we do not spend too much 2:1 time with him. This isn’t sustainable (particularly when the Other Mrs Reed Warbler returns to work), but importantly presents an opportunity for self-care.

By far the cutest thing Little Chick has done this week is sing. When he started asking for more, more, more we joined in with the Andrea True Connection song. Now he is singing it, on his own, unprompted. His rendition is less clear to understand – ‘how do you like it?’ is not easily decipherable unless you know the song – but is far more tuneful than our version. And the look of pure joy as he sings is adorable; it has me begging for more, more, more.

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