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Now that Little Chick is placed with us, I am conscious that my nice, little routine will very quickly be a distant memory. Taking the time to stop, think, and write will be a luxury. But it is a luxury I will afford myself as essential self-care. Therefore, I am committing to spending some time each week reflecting on how Little Chick is developing and settling. Since his speech is delayed (speech therapist appointment pending) but his bank of single words is ever increasing, I have decided to record this in the form of the Word of the Week. Not only will this help us reflect on what went well or what we could improve it will serve as a reminder of how hard Little Chick tries. This website is partly about us and designed to help others but, importantly, it is a testament to Little Chick’s character. He truly is a special little boy.

Edit (June 2018): Little Chick has been visited and assessed by the Speech and Language Therapist. She recognised that he is a little delayed but not worryingly so or to the extent of a speech disorder. Additionally, she saw lots of encouraging signs during her visit that his speech will catch up, such as excellent imaginative play and some very clear, difficult words. For example, Little Chick reeled off ‘sausages’, ‘glasses’, and ‘trousers’, which are supposedly trickier words. Our next task is to encourage him to make more two-word sentences, especially using adjectives, such as ‘blue car’, ‘hot drink’, ‘big chair’, etc. We then need to help him build on those by repeating this back to him and adding words e.g. ‘blue car outside’, ‘hot drink careful’, ‘big chair sit’.

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