A warm welcome from Mrs Reed Warbler

Mrs Reed Warbler is the online pseudonym I use when writing about my life as a same-sex adoptive parent.

My wife and I fell in love because of her passion for birds. At the time, I had a genuine fear of our so-called feathered friends. But my interest in her encouraged me to give birds a second chance. As I fell in love with her, I engaged more with birds, appreciating their guile, beauty, and determination (incidentally, traits I also admired in her). They have been central to our relationship and featured prominently within our wedding. The reed warbler is one of the most famous examples of adopters within the bird kingdom, so it seemed a fitting nom de plume, as well as a tribute to my wife, who I refer to as the Other Mrs Reed Warbler.

Little Chick is the alias for our son, who came to us at two and a half years old. You can read more about how we became a family on the About page as well as within my blog.

I love spending time with my wee mate; I learn as much from him as he does from him. Because of him, I remember every day to be kind, helpful, and loving. To always try my best. To never give up. To give everything a go, even if it’s scary at first. My knowledge of children’s TV has also increased enormously; I usually have a random theme tune stuck in my head: ‘Hey Duggee’ and ‘Sarah and Duck’ are regular earworms.

Little Chick helps me be a different version of me. Mostly, that’s a better version of me. I hope that comes through in my writing.

Some may see my writing as exploitative, drawing on Little Chick’s life as I do. I understand that, but it is certainly not my intention. I want to share our story to help other adopters, who in turn can help their adoptees. As a family, we have benefitted greatly from the online adoption community and I want to contribute to that. But never at the expense of my own child.

This website is testament to him, praise for a brave, funny, generous little boy. It is the journey we took to become parents and it is the life we now lead together. This website is about navigating adoption as me and the missus grow our forever family with Little Chick.